Don’t judge PS Vita Euro success based on Japan, says SCEE

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) CEO Jim Ryan believes it is impossible to judge PlayStation Vita’s possible success in the Europe based on how the handheld has performed in its native Japan.

Speaking with MCV, Ryan commented: "One of the things we have learnt over a long period of time, is that whether it is PS1, PS2, PSP or PS3, it is dangerous to the point of impossible to take any experience from the Japanese market and try and extrapolate it, and propose upon what will happen in Europe or North America.”

"Not withstanding the fact that it is just way too early to make any conclusions. The markets are now just so different, I actually think they are diverging to a greater extent than they were different in the past – if that’s even possible,” he continued.

"It is impossible to draw any meaningful conclusions of the Japanese launch in the context of what will happen in Europe."

Ryan went on to say that the most pressing matters SCEE face are “stakeholder reaction, whether that is specialist press or the reaction from retail,” as well as “the key task of allocating the supply that we have to the considerable demand, and just ensuring everything is in place for February 22nd.”

PlayStation Vita launched in Japan on December 17 and sold 325,000 units over its launch weekend, though sales deflated by 78% by the week ending December 25. Since then, it has been outsold on a weekly basis by its predecessor, the PlayStation Portable.