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DOOM: The Dark Ages Said To Be The Next DOOM Game, And It’ll Be Coming To PS5

As we inch closer to the Xbox Showcase, more is coming out around what we can expect to see. On top of Black Ops 6 leaks, a report from Insider Gaming claims that the next game from id Software will be titled DOOM: The Dark Ages, and bring the sci-fi shooter into Medieval times.

The report claims that the game will be revealed at the coming showcase, and that the Year Zero title previously attached to id’s next game was a placeholder for an alleged four year plus development period.

Regarding the change in setting, Insider Gaming alleges that The Dark Ages was described to them as being “a medieval inspired DOOM world.”

It could mean a whole lot of changes for the Doom Guy’s arsenal and that The Dark Ages could take the chaotic first-person action the series is known for into a fresh direction.

What’s more however, is that YouTuber NateTheHate corroborates the report, and adds that The Dark Ages will indeed be coming to PS5.

A medieval setting, in any sense, conjures up an image of a sword and shield in every player, and that the series could have more of a melee focus, rather than ranged combat, in years is at least an intriguing one.

It’ll surely have plenty of guns to utilize in what’s regarded as the ‘DOOM Dance,’ but if this report is correct, then it’s not entirely impossible we see The Dark Ages attempting to standout among the rest of the series with more in-depth melee combat than the series has ever had.

Source – [Insider Gaming, NateTheHate on Twitter]