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The Next DOOM Game Could Be Revealed This June

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Historic first-person shooter DOOM had a massive revival back in 2016, with a reboot game that brought the franchise into the modern era and back into the forefront of FPS fans-brains.

The 2020 sequel, DOOM: Eternal and it’s following DLC did a lot to even further step-up the gameplay to make things even crazier and more intense, if you didn’t think it possible.

Four years on, eyes are all squared on id Software as to when the next one will be out. Despite being a Microsoft-owned studio, with the series multiplatform history and the recent strategy shift from Team Green, it’s likely a safe bet that whatever the next DOOM game is will be arriving on PS5 as well.

A report from The Verge pin the reveal to be coming for June 2024, at Xbox’s big E3-timed showcase. Previous leaks suggest that it’ll be a prequel, and be titled DOOM: Year Zero.

VGC has also spotted a new trademark from ZeniMax Media that could very well be the next DOOM game, since the trademark is IDKFA, a reference to the original DOOM game as IDKFA was a known cheat code for the game.

With it having been four years since DOOM Eternal’s initial release, three years since the game’s last DLC expansion, it feels appropriate we hear about what’s next this year. We’ll see what June 2024 has in store.

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