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Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Characters Names Leaked

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[UPDATE] The first two Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC characters have been confirmed as Broly and Bardock. Via February’s issue of V-Jump magazine, we also get confirmation of each fighter’s Super. While Broly will be able blow things up with his ‘Gigantic Metor’, Bardock will have a ‘Revenge Assault’ Super.

That means that the leaked list of Dragon Ball Fighterz DLC characters that was discovered last month. may be correct.

[ORIGINAL] Stemming from a thread on ResetEra, a new data-mine uncovered some details about the upcoming Dragon Ball Fighterz DLC characters.

As well as potentially uncovered two new game modes called Z Union and Z League, there’s an additional eight fighters discovered, some of which tie in with previously leaked DLC characters.

The data found on these characters appears to relate to avatars, so there’s some discussion about whether they’ll also appear as new characters or not. Here’s the list:

  • Broly
  • Bardock
  • Zamasu (With Fused?)
  • Vegito (Blue?)
  • Base Goku
  • Base Vegeta
  • Cooler
  • Android 17 (Ranger)

A few weeks ago, the same guy who leaked the Street Fighter V Arcade Edition and SoulCalibur VI announcements also claimed to have some interesting new information on upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC. He confirmed the following Dragon Ball Fighterz DLC characters are coming.

  • Broly
  • Bardock
  • Zarbon
  • Raditz
  • Base Form Goku
  • Base Form Vegeta

He claims that Base Form Goku and Vegeta are being added to appease Japanese fans. He also states that there's more hidden characters still to be revealed.

Stay tuned for the official word from Bandai Namco!

  • jshep23

    I like Broly but for the rest I would’ve rather seen Caba, Kefla, Jiren and Toppo.

    • Paul Watson

      Well Its Supposed To Take Place Prior To The Tournament Of Power, So…

      • Eric Thornblom

        Can we all agree that there’s no point in having Raditz and Zarbon?

  • Eric Thornblom

    Ok, I’ve got a few things to say here:
    1) Broly and Bardock, sweet, I’ll buy
    2) Base form Goku better be able to use the Spirit Bomb or SSG
    3) of all the characters… SSG Goku, Super Gogeta, Vegito Blue, Fusion Zamasu, they go with ZARBON AND RADITZ?!?! Are you kidding me???? I mean they put GINYU on the roster and only reason idc is cuz Gotenks calls their poses lame(it made me so happy), but ffs, ZARBON AND RADITZ?!
    4) I swear I better get SSG Goku in some way