Dreamers still alive and coming to PS3

After two years of silence, decided to contact Dreamgazers President and Creative Director George Georgeadis to see if the studio’s upcoming adventure title, Dreamers, was still alive.

"Haha, yes we are still alive," said Georgeadis. "However many changes have occurred regarding the company and project, changes that I am unfortunately not in a position to disclose."

Georgeadis finished by telling us that they should have new details to share soon. We’re hoping that soon means within the next few months, as the last time we reported on the title was back in mid-2006, when was known as PS3land. We held an interview with Georgeadis on their new title going over the basic details of the game such as storyline, game engine, gameplay, and development on the PS3.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Dreamers, it’s psychological action/adventure where players take the role of Jorge, a narcoleptic whose four hour dreams start to become four day fatal comas. To find clues as to why conditions are worsening, Jorge will search within his dreams, nightmares, and ill-fated past.

The title was expected to release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, although after two years, things may have changed. Also, be sure to check out our exclusive concept art and screenshots gallery of the game here. Stay tuned to for more information.