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Dreamland Is Reportedly The Codename For Quantic Dream’s PS5 Game, Based On The Dark Sorcerer

Quantic Dream‘s next game is reportedly codenamed Dreamland and is based on The Dark Sorcerer, a tech demo released for the PS4 back at E3 2013.

According to Twitter user @accngt, who is known to have a lot of inside knowledge on the French developer, Dreamland will be a humour-based game and is being developed by company’s core studio in Paris. It’s also apparently in a more advanced state of development than Quantic Dream’s other title, Star Wars Eclipse.

In addition, Dreamland is supposedly going to be Cross-Gen, but the Twitter account suggests this may change down the line.

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Murmurs about Dreamland (then without its codename) emerged earlier in the year, where it was described as a second AAA title in the works at Quantic Dream.

Star Wars Eclipse on the other hand is still a long way off from what we understand, and will be set in an uncharted region of the Outer Rim during the High Republic.