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Dreams Early Access Player Count Passes the 100,000 Mark

Dreams Early Access Player Count

Over 100,000 people have played Media Molecule’s so-vast-it’s-difficult-to-get-your-head-around sandbox game Dreams since the studio’s latest PS4 exclusive entered early access a couple of months ago.

At least, it would seem that way, judging by the number of players currently following one of the developer’s official in-game creator accounts, MmDreamQueen. The one that, a bit like Tom back in the days when MySpace was a thing, players are automatically subscribed to upon booting up the game for the first time.

Dreams Early Access Player Count Bodes Well for the Full Release

It might not seem like a particularly large or significant number in and of itself. Literally millions of players downloaded Apex Legends just a few days after that hit the PlayStation Store back in February.

However, when you consider that many people struggle to even grasp the central concept (Dreams is a creation kit as much as a game in its own right), while others find the sheer breadth of possibilities open to them slightly overwhelming, it’s reassuring to know that there are plenty of people willing to give it a go nonetheless. Which in turn augurs well for the full release… Whenever that might be.

Personally, we’re not overly surprised by the news. Community creations were an integral part of the LittleBigPlanet experience, after all; even if people like myself spent the entire time enjoying these creations, rather than contributing our own.

We’ve already published our thoughts on the Dreams early access, but we’d love to hear yours. So be sure to let us know if you’ve been enjoying the game down in the comments.

Source: Reddit

  • Rob

    It needs some work. It’s hard to find the good creations and unless you spend hours on the tutorials and practicing, you’ll never make anything good yourself

    • Honomaru

      I can see where you’re coming from though I disagree. While stellar projects are indeed hard to come by, there are more than a few good WIP projects. But I guess that’s subjective. Still, you’ve gotta cut slack for a creator-title that’s only been out for a few months and still in early-access. These tools are brand new. And since when has spending hours on a game you bought a bad thing? If you are truly a creator at heart, that seems like an odd thing to focus on imo.

      Also, “you’ll never make anything good yourself” is definitely a dtretch. Because depending on your personal cleverness, you can make some pretty badass stuff that isn’t that complex in much less time than you think. In fact, the game rewards you for being resourceful.

      Have you ever tried designing, animating, coding logic or creating music, in ANY non-stock-asset licensed programs on the market? Maya? Blender? Reallusion programs, FL Studio etc?? As one who has done so in each(or at least dabbled), this game for its price is literally a wet dream. Sure you can do way more in those programs comparatively but for what you’re getting in Dreams you’re really looking a gift horse in the mouth bruh.

      Of course there are improvements that can be made, but who expected otherwise?

      This game will be genre-defining for sure. Best of its kind. And I personally love it. Even as is, I have so many ideas of what I’ll be able to do.