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Dreams Update 2.45 Out Now, Includes Bug Fixes For Text Display & More

Developer Media Molecule has unpacked the Dreams update 2.45 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which come with various fixes related to text display, time & date, and more. Read up on the latest Dreams patch notes below.

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  • Text Displayer bug: Fixed an issue which was causing the contents of a Text Displayer to display incorrectly or not at all when used as part of a flipped group or element.
  • Time & Date gadget bugs:
    • Fixed a bug which caused Time & Date wires to blend incorrectly when using Wire Blend – Overwrite.
    • Fixed Time & Date wire behavior with OR and AND Gates.
    • Fixed a bug which would occur when calculating a time earlier than 1/1/1970 00:00 (aka epoch zero) and produced unexpected output.
  • Calculator Vector Operations bug: Fixed a bug where the new Distance Between Vectors and Vector Length operations were giving a vector result, rather than a scalar.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash for a small number of players.