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DualSense On PS5 Will Be “Exponentially Better Than DualShock 4” According To Tequila Works


You can now add RiME developer Tequila Works to the increasingly long list of developers that are heaping praise upon the PS5 DualSense controller. Speaking during an interview with Spanish outlet MeriStation, Tequila Works CEO Raul Rubio extolled the qualities of the DualSense controller at length, specifically starting with a commentary on just how immersive the combination of haptic feedback and the in-built speaker will make the next-generation PlayStation controller.

You catch his comments below which, through the miracle of Google Translate, have largely come across with their meaning intact:

“Curiously, I have to play on all platforms: PC with mouse; Nintendo Switch; at Stadia with a tablet or the first thing I catch. What happens to me is that I was starting to miss some things. If I play on Switch, it may seem silly, but the Vibration HD shows a lot; the difference is like riding on a latest model Mercedes and a tractor, basically, at the level of sensitivity.

Nintendo is an expert in taking technologies, turning them around and making them fun. There are things that, when they are not there, you miss them a lot. For example, the built-in speaker, which offers many possibilities to create actions within the game where everything is contextualised; as if someone starts calling you on the phone, for example. These are details that add immersion ”

Commenting further, Rubio want onto extensively praise the ‘daring’ new Create functionality that the DualSense supposedly permits, but stopped short of saying much more no doubt to the weighty NDA looming over his head:

“I see that Sony has been a little more daring, and yes, you’ve tried to see a little more with the share button feature, which was a more one-way process based solely on sharing the experience. In this case, with Create, you can do something a little more active. And I’ll leave it there.”

Source: MeriStation