Duke Nukem Forever gets sleazier with launch of stripper shooter

“Unload your clip to see them strip” is the tag-line accompanying the latest of 2K’s promotional games for the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever.

In the sauciest marketing campaign in videogame history, 2K has treated us to babe and boob-filled trailers, saucy min-games and lots of schoolyard humour; and now the latest promotion sees players competing against strippers where the loser has to take their clothes off.

The promotional game, dubbed Duke Nudem, gives you the chance to compete against four strippers in a shootout. Gameplay involves aiming a reticule at moving targets with your machine-gun. Beat one of the ladies and she’ll strip off for you. It’s unsubtle marketing, but most definitely effective if the idea is to put Duke Nukem firmly in the minds of people – for the right or wrong reasons – prior to its launch date on June 10. A demo of the game will be available to download on June 3.

You can access the mini-game via the official Duke Nukem website.