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Dying Light 2 Twitch Event Taking Place This Thursday, Information Finally Set To Arrive


A Dying Light 2 Twitch event is taking place this Thursday, May 27, 2021, at 8 PM BST / 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST, with Techland teasing an announcement.

We don’t yet know what this event will hold, but we are expecting to see some new gameplay and a new trailer for the game. Who knows, we might actually get a PS4 release date as the game is meant to come out later this year. Maybe a PS5 release as well?

You can watch the live stream here on Techland’s Twitch channel. Techland has just made a number of new hires, to close development on the title. The game will offer Ray-Tracing and performance modes for those who do play on new systems, however, it isn’t clear if the game will get a native release or run through backwards compatibility.

Dying Light 2 releases for PS4 in 2021 and will be playable on PS5 as well via backwards compatibility.