Dynasty Warriors 9 confirmed as PS4-exclusive


The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has confirmed that the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

This latest entry in the venerable hack-’n-slash franchise will take the action into open-world territory for the first time, with various improvements being made to the gameplay mechanics. Players will be able to freely roam a huge map of China based on the Three Kingdoms period, with Dynasty Warriors 9 also offering real-time weather and time changes that will affect the enemy’s ability to spot you. 

Completing the main missions will advance history forward but they will be initially quite difficult to complete; however, by completing regular missions that are associated with these tasks, you will be able to lower their difficulty. A new feature known as State Combo has also been implemented, which lets players react in different ways depending on the situation, while Interactive Actions change according to the surrounding terrain and objects. 

Elsewhere, Akihiro Suzuki and Jun Miyauchi, who serve as producer and director, respectively, were interviewed by the publication and revealed a few new interesting pieces of info. The duo said that they are considering allowing players to switch between warlords, while in terms of size, the game offers more than 10 major cities in addition to general purpose cities and villages. Urban locations present the opportunity to buy/sell goods, and gamers will be able to take part in side missions such as hunting wild animals and battling against different races. 

Famitsu states that Dynasty Warriors 9 is currently at the 40 percent complete mark. Publisher Koei recently confirmed that more info on the game would drop later this month, so stay tuned to PSU for more details as we get them.

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Source: Gematsu