E3 2012 Awards: Best Action Game

This is a special one because we didn’t come to E3 with high expectations for this game.

Let’s face it: depending on what you consider an action game to be, there were almost too many titles that landed in said genre at E3 2012. But, there was only one game that totally convinced us it wasn’t in trouble.

We were skeptical, but now we have way more faith. Said new-found faith in a (demi) god is thanks to Dante, from DmC.

DmC is so radical, so insane that it’s hard to take your eyes off the screen while you’re playing it – even though Capcom had hired a stripper to perform right behind us while we played (yes, they actually did that).

Bottom line: Devil May Cry 4 was a disappointment; DmC might be the best thing to happen to the series since. Oh, and it wins best action game because there simply was no game at E3 2012 with that much action in it. Dante is just as much of a bad-ass as he ever was — he’s just more believable now.

Runner up: Assassin’s Creed 3