E3 2012 News

E3 2012: Nyko details new PS3, PS Vita products

Nyko showed some cool new products for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita at E3 2012. The Free Fighter is a fight stick controller with customizable orientation and programmable macro buttons. It features a snazzy ambidextrous design allowing for right or left handed use, four programmable macro buttons and two turbo buttons, with variable speed turbo for slow, fast or user-created tap speed. It’s backlit buttons light up to playback programmed combos when activated, and it connects via a USB cable for latency free gaming. Check out some images of it below. The website lists it for $179.99 USD.

The Power Grip extends your PS Vita’s battery and is an ergonomic grip for comfortable mobile gaming. Nyko says it provides 50 percent additional battery life and charges through the standard PS Vita power adapter. You don’t need a new battery and all buttons, ports, and touch surfaces are easily accessible. Nyko also has a three in one PS Vita charging solution for AC, car charger, and USB. More details and pricing coming soon.