Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2014 News

E3 2014: New Tales of Hearts R screens impress with crisp visuals

Namco Bandai released new assets for the Western release of the PlayStation Vita-exclusive portable title Tales of Hearts R.

The premise behind Tales of Hearts R is that main protagonist Kor Meteor, found to possess a great deal of Spiria. Early on in his journey, he meets Kohaku Hearts, and while attempting to help her, Kor accidentally destroys Kohaku’s Spiria Core, which is the source of her emotions. From there, he must find a way to restore Kohaku’s broken Spiria Core.

These new screenshots give credit to the work done in Tales of Hearts R with the Combination Aerial Linear Motion Battle System that’s implemented in the portable title. With many different angles and backdrops, they express properly the effort taken to make the game look as crisp and clean as possible on Sony’s portable platform. Take a look at the few included below, and the rest can be found on our official Tales of Hearts R game page.