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E3 2023 Set For June 13-16, Will Host Business Days & Gamer Days In Revamped Format

E3 is officially returning to an in-person and digital event next summer, with E3 2023 set to revamp the format to accommodate Business Days and Gamers Days. The event will run June 13 – 16, 2023.

As the name implies, Business Days is reserved for industry folk, with developers, publishers, distributors and the gaming press invited to attend during this time.

Meanwhile, Gamers Day is just that: a time for the general public to attend E3 2023 and see what’s happening, with “spectacular booths” and a “dedicated theater offering deep-dive looks at the highly anticipated titles.”

It’s worth remembering that patented digital events and showcase will be kicking off a few days earlier on June 11 before the Business Days and Gamers Days kick off.

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There are some more changes behind the scenes, though. Unlike previous E3 events, the ESA will not be running things; instead, this year’s event will be helmed by ReedPop.

Right now it’s way too early to speculate as to what we’ll be seeing at E3 2023, but hopefully the event will be a success and bring back some of the excitement that previous shows have failed to achieve.