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EA Hackers Have Begun Releasing Stolen Information

After an initial attack in June earlier this year the hackers who broke into EA’s private servers and made away with 780GB of data have begun releasing some of the stolen information online, though EA isn’t concerned that it is information detrimental to their company.

The news comes from website VGC, who reports that 1.3GB of data out of the 780GB have been released, but EA is currently analyzing the information released before they become overly concerned. “At this time, we continue to believe that it does not contain data that poses any concern to player privacy, and we have no reason to believe that there is any material risk to our games, our business or our players.”

The hack in June resulted in the source code for the Frostbite engine and FIFA 21 being among the data that was taken, which the hackers were apparently able to access via the companies Slack.

According to the same report from VGC, the hackers will continue to release the information so long as EA refuses to meet their demands.

Source – [VGC]