EA may announce premium program for Battlefield 3

BattlefieldO has declared that EA games will be launching a premium program for Battlefield 3, according to "a very reliable source."

The quoted text included with the announcement includes a lot of in-game content designed for very specific character customizations. The included text from the reliable source goes as follows:

"Battlefield™ Premium will land you a number of content drops with unique in-game items not available anywhere else. First out is the one-of-a-kind Premium knife and black dog tag, plus a set of soldier camos, weapon camos, dog tags and Assignments that will make sure you stand out and get more personalization options."

If this ends up being like a program similar to Call of Duty Elite, it could bring a lot of intrigue and flare for those already dedicated to EA’s competitive shooter. With E3 coming up next month, this could be EA’s big E3 release. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

 Via BattlefieldO