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EA Sports UFC 5 Update 1.009 Patch Notes Revealed For 3 New Fighters, Including Roman Dolidze

The EA Sports UFC 5 update 1.009 patch notes have been blown wide open by the game’s developer for today’s release, with the latest update bringing a bunch of new fighters to the ring. You can read the full details on the latest EA Sports UFC 5 update below.

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Roman Dolidze (#11 MW) – Brutal best describes Roman Dolidze’s fighting style. In the clinch or on the ground, this Georgian powerhouse will not stop striking his opponent until they submit or go unconscious.

Benoît Saint Denis (#13 LW) – An all-action fighter boasting a UFC record of five wins with only two losses, with all five wins coming by finish. Benoît Saint Denis does not know the meaning of the word quit. When BSD steps into the UFC 5 Octagon, WAR is coming with him!

Anthony Hernandez (#14 MW) – Don’t let his nickname fool you, nothing is “Fluffy” about Anthony Hernandez’s fighting style. This relentless wrestler will ragdoll his opponent around the Octagon until they only want one thing, a way out, and “Fluffy” is more than willing to give that to them in the form of a quick submission.

New Fighters

  • Roman Dolidze (#11 MW)
  • Benoît Saint Denis (#13 LW)
  • Anthony Hernandez (#14 MW)

UFC 302 Fight Week Challenges and New Alter Egos

  • These will be added on May 28, 2024, at approximately 4 pm PT


  • Fixed an issue that allowed fighters to partially block the special lead hook block counter.
    • Blocking a hook or overhand on your lead side allows you to fire off a lead hook very quickly in return. Previously, opponents were able to rarely block it. Now, the counter should land cleanly before the opponent can block it.
  • Fixed a rare tracking issue against head movement that distorted the strike trajectory and could lead to unfair hits.
    • Depending on stats, it was possible for there to be small gaps in the evasion window of some slips. Besides causing some strikes to land when they clearly shouldn’t, this issue could also make strikes’s trajectories look jittery. The specific cases we investigated were the minor side-to-side sways, but the fix we applied was general.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with the advancing lead hook to straight combo, when performed with the Celtic Cross.
    • This Celtic Cross in this specific combo was unintendedly 4 frames faster. It will now have the same speed as the other straights.


  • Fixed a rare animation issue in exchanges from the over-under clinch.

Misc. Additions and Updates

  • Added Michael Chandler to Welterweight
  • New Vanity Items added
  • Fixed stat tracking on several challenge types
  • Fixed an issue causing rear audio when using Dolby Atmos sound settings
  • Corrected missing Tale of the Tape data for some fighters in Career Mode