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Elden Ring Celebrates Hitting 25 Million Players, Releases New Trailer Ahead Of DLC Chronicling “The Journey So Far”

Elden Ring was the biggest game for all of 2022, finishing second just behind the year’s Call Of Duty title in terms of sales, but first in terms of cultural impact.

Now more than two years later, it could very likely be one of (if not the) biggest game of 2024 because of its coming one and only DLC expansion, Shadow Of The Erdtree.

Ahead of the DLC’s launch now 9 days away at time of writing, FromSoftware released a new trailer to catch players up on what’s happened so far in the game’s story with a The Journey So Far… trailer, and celebrated the fact that Elden Ring has officially surpassed 25 million players since launch.

A huge milestone for a game like this, it’s well and away FromSoftware’s biggest game. This announcement also means Elden Ring sold another 2 million copies between February and now.

That makes it clear that the excitement for the coming DLC is very palpable, and even those who’ve been holding off for two years can no longer resist grabbing it.

All the more reason for FromSoftware to put together this trailer getting players who don’t want to dig through hours of lore videos or piece things together themselves in item descriptions ready to dive into the DLC with at least some idea of what’s going on.

Though for the fans who have already spent hours pouring over items and have watched all those lore videos, probably the most exciting part of this trailer is the fact that it can be considered “official lore.” Something that’s worth its weight in gold to those players, since piecing together the puzzle of Elden Ring’s story gets a bit easier when you know a few things for certain.

Speaking of the DLC, if you’re set on playing it day 1, make sure you’re ready, because you’ll need to have at least played through a significant chunk of the game, before you can access it.

Check out our guide here to make sure you’re prepared.

Source – [FromSoftware]