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Elite Dangerous Odyssey Receives Action-Packed Mission Playthrough Video

Frontier Developments has provided a one-hour plus video showcasing a mission playthrough for Elite Dangerous Odyssey.

You can check out the video below.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey is an upcoming expansion for game, which was recently delayed to autumn 201 for PS4 and Xbox One players. Odyssey was originally due for release in early 2021 and will retail for £29.99 when it finally arrives for consoles.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey sees players exploring distant worlds on foot for the first time, where you’ll be able to take on fresh missions and take part in ‘intense tactical combat,’ which is seamlessly blended with the trademark cockpit experience in Elite Dangerous.

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Beyond that, Elite Dangerous Odyssey gives you the chance to customise your characters in preparation for ground operations with specialised suits and gear. You’ll also brush shoulders with other Commanders in social hubs throughout the galaxy, where you can form alliances and obtain new equipment.