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Elite Dangerous Update 1.64 Now Available, Adds Fixes For Horizons & Odyssey

The Elite Dangerous update 1.64 patch notes have been announced by Frontier Developments, which comes packing a series of improvements for Horizons and Odyssey-related content.

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The following features have received optimisation improvements:

Looking at/through glass

Cockpit glass

Galaxy and System Map functionality

Avatar decals

Forward lit VFX

Planet fine textures


Emissive rescaling


An issue causing artifacting on the local view in the System Map was fixed


An instancing crash was fixed.

A crashing when entering Supercruise following a low wake was fixed

A crash caused by jumping to the permit-locked HIP 54530 system was fixed


On-foot actions will now update the Codex as expected

On-foot ranks will now display their animation within inbox messages

Rank animations will no longer display as a tier lower than intended

From the Issue Tracker

Stars will no longer flash brightly in VR

The Asterope system will resume featuring signal sources

Polyporous growths on brain trees can be splattered once again

An issue with teammate Navlock was fixed

Deposit fragments will no longer get stuck inside asteroids

Damage values on thermal conduits have been corrected to scale with ship heat between 90-150%, capped at 160%


AI will spawn at POIs in multicrew as expected

Omnipol corruption was addressed: their mission-givers will no longer assign illegal missions

Deceased NPCs can be scanned once again at offline settlements.

Hostile ships will once again appear as such on the radar


Terminals are no longer obstructed in Shinrarta Dezhra

Planetary port landing pads have an added force field effect

Mining extractors no longer display flashing black squares

NPC crew members will now retaliate when in the Defend state.

Deceased NPCs will no longer cover the reactor console, preventing interaction

Character Animation

An issue when running with the cutting tool was fixed. Although, our mothers still advise against it

Ships & SRVs

SRV helm audio will no longer be replicated across crew members

Deployed vessels will retain their ship owner ID as intended

Camera angles for the livery screen on the Scorpion SRV were adjusted

A detailing issues on the Azure paint job on the Asp Explorer’s was fixed

Gold and black paint job colours were adjusted

Ember paint jobs were adjusted

Midnight Black paint jobs were adjusted


Gravity will be re-enabled at Guardian Sites so that caskets no longer float

A quantum-physics issue allowing multiple players collecting the same item was fixed


The Pirate Attack faction state will now:

No longer trigger when only criminal factions are present in a starsystem

Temporarily make weapon commodities legal in most jurisdictions

Cause factions to lose influence to criminal factions present in that starsystem

Criminal factions will no longer experience active security states and their Security Points will lock at 0

Odyssey settlements controlled by criminal factions will now prefer to export commodities (at the usual favourable pricing) that are illegal in other jurisdictions. Their exports will return to normal if control changes to other faction types

Odyssey settlements that were incorrectly exporting Meta Alloys will no longer do so

Incorrectly negative faction consequences when selling salvaged commodities for a relatively low value were fixed

The Black Market station service will now activate when the controlling faction has an active Civil Unrest state

Faction consequences from selling commodities are now based on satisfying available demand at the Commodity Market

You can now support a faction by buying commodities from it, based upon satisfying available supply at its Commodity Market

When buying and selling, it’s generally more positive to a faction to satisfy a higher supply and demand (green 3-bar icon) than a lower (red 1-bar icon), and it’s generally more positive to trade more expensive commodities than cheaper ones


A crash when selecting the engineering panel from a ship was fixed

A crash caused by entering the permit locked-HIP 54530 system was fixed

Deposit fragments will no longer get stuck inside asteroids

VFX for projectiles from the Remote Flak Launcher will no longer be too bright

A crash during the tutorial was fixed

Damage values on thermal conduits have been corrected to scale with ship heat between 90-150%, capping at 160%

An issue causing the session log to be inaccessible was fixed

[Source – Frontier Developments]