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Embracer Group Exec Admits Human Cost Of Restructuring Is ‘Significant’ But Sadly ‘Necessary’

Speaking during an interview Games Industry.biz, Phil Rogers, interim chief strategy officer at Embracer Group, has touched base on the significant human loss of its ongoing restructuring process, which he sadly admits is a necessary process to undertake.

There’s a lot of it going around the industry at the moment of restructuring, but the downside, obviously, is the impact on people. It’s something that really Embracer feels for. It’s been an agonising process to see the sort of headcount [reduction], but we know it’s a necessary thing for us to hit our new and needed goals. So overall, good progress and we push on.

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As previously reported, Embracer Group’s restructuring process has seen many job losses, with 900 staff laid off during the company’s second quarter. Furthermore, these losses resulted in around 15 projects being cancelled, while earlier in the year Saints Row developer Volition was shuttered completely.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested that Free Radical, who are currently working on a reboot of the TimeSplitters series, is in danger of being closed. Embracer itself also suffered the loss of its COO, Egil Strunke, who announced his departure from the industry giant earlier this month.

[Source – Games Industry]