Enter this code to get a 10% PSN card discount


Only for NA accounts, though! 

With PlayStation Plus memberships getting a price increase in certain parts of the world, it’s understandable if PlayStation gamers are on the lookout for any discounts they could get. Fortunately, for you, there’s a good PSN card discount code that’s out right now though it’s only good until the end of August.

Thanks to Twitter user and NeoGAF member Wario64, a limited time code can be used on North American PSN accounts that will net you a 10 percent off on any PSN card you buy on GreenMan Gaming! Simply enter voucher code "PSNCredit10" to get 10 percent off and that’s it. If you’re going to use this outside of the US, you can use a VPN to bypass any region tracking stuff. 

If you’re looking of stuff to buy on PSN, we just posted the PS Store sales weekly discounted items right here. Either that or re-up your PS+ membership before Sony increases the price again.