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eSports Boxing Club Dev Reveals New Details, Wants To Deliver ‘Realistic Boxing Simulation’

Steel City Interactive has unwrapped a punchy batch of new details on the upcoming eSports Boxing Club for your consumption.

New Details On eSports Boxing Club PS4

Described as an ‘in-depth action-RPG,’ eSports Boxing Club’s goal is dos provide a realistic boxing simulation to fans of the genre, and as such its developer has spent time collaborating with ‘some of the most passionate and genuine people in the boxing business’ to achieve this goal.

Steel City Interactive has signed current and former world champions from multiple stables across the world, as well as partnering with the WBC as its premiere governing body in the ESBC. In addition, the studio has snapped up signed commentators and professionals from multiple broadcasters.

eSports Boxing Club will allow players across the globe to compete in broadcasted World Championship fights, with the aim of nabbing the eWBC World Title Belt.

Here’s a list of key features for eSports Boxing Club:

YOUR JOURNEY; Create your fighter! Which offer will you accept? Which contract will you sign? Will you avoid certain fighters or take risks? Create your own Legacy!

A TRUE BOXING RPG EXPERIENCE – Over a dozen attributes for every fighter, from discipline to popularity. ESBC will provide a deep RPG experience.

MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES – Hire your own staff, cut-men, a nutritionist, trainer, navigate your way through the world of Promoters and epic Fight Nights.

LICENSED ROSTER – Current and former world champions including legends of the ring! eSPORTS WBC & RING MAGAZINE TOURNAMENTS – Fully endorsed online tournaments will feature post-release. Will you claim an officially licensed “eBelt”?

TRUE NEXT-GEN VISUALS – Partnering with Ten24 – The worlds leading digital scan company who were involved in blockbusters such as Death Stranding – Halo – Final Fantasy and many more!