Everspace PS4 release update: Timed-exclusive means we’ll have to wait

Interest in Everspace among PS4 players is growing as the rogue-like space shooter prepares to launch on Xbox One and Windows 10, with the burning question being: will it ever launch on Sony’s console?

Well, developer RockFish Games, hasn’t ruled out the option and has said that further platforms aren’t ruled out as it approaches release, but there’s bad news too. The Germany-based indie studio has signed a timed-exclusively deal as part of them partnering up with the [email protected] program, so if it does come to PS4 we can expect a lengthy wait.

everspace ps4 news

The fact that Everspace will also have VR support, makes it all the more attractive for the PlayStation crowd with PlayStation VR launching in October. The developer has been constantly asked about its appearance on PlayStation 4, and has replied with a standard response which suggests an announcement is not too far away.

“Further platforms are not ruled out,” says RockFish. We look forward to announce more later”.