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Everybody’s Golf VR Release Date and New Details

It seems PSVR is really hitting its stride now and the games are coming thick and fast. There are a lot of quality looking titles in the works ranging from Blood and Truth to Iron-man VR and even some big exclusives getting VR modes like Concrete Genie. The future for the platform certainly looks bright.

The world’s favorite animated golf game, Everybody’s Golf, is back and it has brought all three dimensions with it. We have all been clamoring for a VR golf game and hopefully, this will fill that bunker-sized void. We think VR will be a great fit for this unique and quirky golf game and as long as the controls are well designed and the VR implementation is good, it should be a quality experience.

Get your Clubs Ready

The release date for the VR version of Everybody’s Golf VR is a lot sooner than we thought, you can hit the course with all your favorite wacky characters from the 21st of May.

Pre-ordering gives you a couple of little bonuses for your time on the fairways. If you stump up the cash upfront you will get access to an additional caddie called Steve and three themes for you PS4. These themes are The Seaside theme, the Forest theme and a custom theme.

Swing Your Way to Victory

As with all golf games, the control schemes are vital. This is amplified in a VR game and a poor control scheme will put many players off. It has to be tight, responsive and repeatable.

Luckily, the developers seem to have put some time into the control schemes, keeping the game fun and fresh, while not taking the game too far into golf sim territory, which is great news.

You can use either your DualShock 4 or a Move controller to whack your way up to the green. The game is played from a first-person perspective so a lot will have changed. We certainly cannot wait to hit the links and try out the new control methods.

New Everybody’s Golf VR Trailer

Also released on PlayStation Japan’s twitter was a new trailer. I do love Japanese PlayStation trailers, they are always wacky, bright and amusing.

What are your thoughts on Everybody’s Gold releasing on PSVR? Will you dust off your clubs for the new release? Do you think it will end up in the sand-trap?

Swing into the comments below.