Fallout 4 confirmed, coming to PS4 and set in Boston

 So the countdown timer has stopped and the big reveal on Bethesda’s website has been confirmed as Rage 2. No, of course it’s for Fallout, namely Fallout 4 and it’s set in Boston.

The official trailer is now up and it is glorious. Switching between the idealistic world of yesterday in flashbacks and the current ruins of civilisation, the trailer also shows many old favourites of the Fallout universe.


These leaked screens show areas in Scollay Square, which is found in Boston and a garage with a Brotherhood of Steel member and a canine companion.

Fallout 4 PS4

Fallout 4 screenshot

Another part of the leak shows the boxart, which appears to confirm the game is current gen and PC only after rumours circled about an old gen version being in the works as well.

Fallout 4 box art

Bethesda nearly caused the internet to meltdown yesterday by showing the Please Stand By screen -that was instantly recognisable as being part of the post-apocalyptic series- and slapping a twenty-four hour countdown timer on it. While there was mass hysteria among the fanbase, there was also the usual jokers claiming it would be a Remastered edition of Fallout 3, a mobile card game or the true confirmation of Half-Life 3 (if that was you, hang your head in shame).

More info after 3pm.