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Fallout 76 Fake Accolades Trailer Is Very Funny If It Wasn’t So Sad

Fallout 76 servers down

There’s isn’t a Fallout 76 accolades trailer. Well, not an official one. Despite our own reviewer actually enjoying Bethesda’s new approach to the series, many didn’t.

Right now, the average review rating on Metacritic stands at a lowly 50%, while the user rating stands at 2.7 out of 10. Many Fallout 76 reviews across the web berated the developer’s latest RPG, with some describing it as “empty”, “disappointing” and “soulless”.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve yet to see an accolades trailer, though there is an unofficial one. We shouldn’t laugh as we personally don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as people are making out, but it is quite funny, albeit quite sad that the Fallout series has found itself in this position.

Check it out.

  • andrewsqual

    Its absolutely hilarious because it reminds me of that atrocious Bethesda E3 conference. I also haven’t bothered watching a single thing from this game since E3 so even the trailer itself was new to me. Even it doesn’t look or sound like anything to do with a real Fallout game lol.

    • Duane Jeffreys

      Summary of every anti fallout 76 article and post.

      “We want multiplayer fallout, so we can play with our friendz!”
      “We don’t want to play with other people, Fallout should be a single player game!”
      “Fallout 76 feels really lonely.”
      “We want to pk!”
      “Consequences for pking other players? what a trash game!”
      “this game sucks!”
      “Game is a soulless attempt to capitalize on microtransactions.”

      All I see is “This game doesn’t cater to my personal tastes exactly, so I’m not going to buy it unless they change it to suit me! Anybody that disagrees is a stupid fanboy pleb!”