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Fallout 76 Trophy List Published Ahead of Launch

Fallout 76 servers down

Players don’t have to wait long before they can begin collecting the virtual blighters for themselves, but, earlier today, a comprehensive Fallout 76 trophy list was published online.

There are 51 in total (kind of thought there’d be 76, to be honest).

A Time-Consuming Endeavour – the Fallout 76 Trophy List

The majority of would appear to be pretty easy to obtain and consist of little more than completing certain story quests.

In fact, from what we can see, obtaining the coveted platinum will be time-consuming, rather than difficult. Reach level X; kill Y number of players etc. Especially if you’re fitting Fallout 76 around work, uni, or, most pressing of all, other video games. Did I hear someone say Spyro: Reignited Trilogy?

Anyway, you can view all the Fallout 76 trophies over at Powerpyx.

Launch Imminent

Fallout 76 releases worldwide in a few hours’ time on the 14th November. Although finding space for it on your PS4 hard drive might be a little tricky, given the game’s substantial 100GB file size.

And that’s without factoring the various post-launch updates, first details of which were provided by Bethesda in a recent blog post.

We’ll have our review up in the next few days, but, in the meantime, we’d like to know if you’ll be playing Fallout 76 this week? Or will you be waiting a few weeks/months before returning to the wasteland with your fellow survivors; hoping that some of the proposed changes have been implemented by then? Let us know down in the comments.