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Far Cry 5 Fishing: How to Catch Fish Like A Pro

fishing in far cry 5

Far Cry 5 fishing, just like in real life, is something you can do for to relieve your stress from gunfights and battles. It is one of the Far Cry 5 features where you can explore nature, relax, earn money, and get some fishing perks. Fishing in Far Cry 5 is a mission in itself as you can progress your skills, unlock different fishing rods, and track down hard to find fishing spots like a real fisherman.

How to Start Far Cry 5 Fishing

To start fishing in Far Cry 5, first, you have to finish the opening part of the game. This includes all prologue missions which will allow you to explore the whole of the Hope County map.

Second, get a fishing rod. You can simply buy it from gun stores or unlock it through missions. You may also pick a free one at a shop vendor who is fishing at the main river running through Jacob's island.

Now, where to fish? Each body of water offers different fish. You can go to a lake or a river to find the Far Cry 5 fishing locations. Just like real fishing, time and noises in the environment affect how many fishes are there in an area.

Once you're ready, stand near the fishing spot or step into the water then pull out your fishing rod and catch them all!

chinook salmon
Catch a Chinook Salmon with Far Cry 5 fishing!

Far Cry 5 Fishing Gameplay

  1. Press L1 or left trigger to pull out the fishing rod.
  2. Press and hold R2 in your controller to build momentum and release it to cast the line into the water.
  3. To attract fishes, press L2 so your line would wiggle make the bait appear to be alive.
  4. Just wait and once a fish bites the bait, lock it on the hook by pressing R2.
  5. To reel the fish, press L2 while moving your rod using the right joystick. This will be crucial as the fish will resist so you really have to be careful and patient. Face the rod opposite the fish's direction.
  6. Release L2 if the line becomes red or else the line will break and you will lose the fish.
  7. Once the fish is tired, reel it in using L2 and don't give it a chance to recover and fight again.

Sell the fish in a shop to get your Far Cry 5 fishing perks like cash and points. Learning how to fish in Far Cry 5 is an adventure where you can use different rods, upgrade baits and catch more interesting fishes. You can check our Far Cry 5 game guides to know more about fishing and other mission walkthroughs, including: