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Far Cry 5 Silver Bar Locations For Getting Fast Cash

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Who doesn't want to get their hands on some Far Cry 5 silver bars? We've already looked at how to earn money fast, but what you really want is to get your hands on these beauties.

You can get money for free in Far Cry 5, but you can also buy silver bars. These are Ubisoft's micro-transactions, and allow you to purchase prestige vehicles, skins and weapons from the in-game store. Find them yourself though and you’ll nab some fast cash!

The good news is that you can find Silver Bars in Far Cry 5. Of course, Ubisoft wants you to put your hand in your pocket, so they've hidden silver bars extremely well.

Silver bars are hidden at every outpost and some other locations in Hope Country.

We're still working our way through the Far Cry 5 map and don't yet all silver bar locations, but we'll find them and update them. Or, do let us know in the comments if you know any of the hidden places.

Far Cry 5 Silver Bar Locations

1.Let's head to John's Region in Holland Valley. You need to go to Fall's End to that big wooden house. Enter through the front door and head straight across into the hallway. Turn around and you'll see a safe in the corner.

You can open safes with C4 or with the lockpicking perk. So get in there and grab your first silver bar.

Head back out the front door, and go straight across the street and head through the door on the left of the open garage. There's a drinks dispenser on your right, and next to it is another safe with a silver bar.

2.Now you want to head to Rye & Sons Aviation. There's a tiny wooden hut and inside there's a key that you can pick it. Grab it and head to the wooden building that has a US flag outside with the wooden porch. Head inside, go straight through the first room and unlock the door on your right with the key. Bingo! There's your safe with some silver bards.

3.Still in St John's Region, you want to head just to the East of Redler Creek. You may need to zoom into your map to see the location of Sunrise Farm. Head into the pumpkin patch and climb up on the metal container on the left. You'll need to leap across to the next platform. Head around to the right and you'll see another safe packed with 40 silver bars.

4.To the North-West of St John's Region you'll find the Copperhead Rail Yard. Pass the table with the American flag towards the end of the train that's toppled onto its side. There's a crate near the back that you can hop on. Jump onto the top of the train and climb down the ladders into it. You've found another safe location and you're 40 silver bars better off!

5.In the South-East corner, to the East of Rye & Sons Aviation, you'll find the Kellet Cattle Co. Head into the main wooden house, through the front door and take a left past the stairs. Follow the room around to the right, past the Far Cry 5 Arcade, and open the door in front of it. There's the safe with some silver bars!

6.In the same house, now go upstairs, and take a left into the small room. There's another juicy Far Cry 5 silver bar to enjoy!

7.North East of Fall's End, you want to head to US Auto. You need to climb onto the roof of the main garage, which you can do from the right-hand side. Leap on top of the metal crate onto the small roof and then jump across. Drop down the hatch on the roof and you'll find a small balcony with a safe stuffed full of silver bars.

8.We're now heading into Faith's Region right near the border of St John's Region. Lorna's Truck Shop is just over the bridge that separates the two regions. Head into the building with a drinks dispenser outside and grab the mission key on the desk next to the pizza. Now, go back outside and head to the building that has a big open door with a sign on it that says Lubertine. There's a small office at the back. Use your key to get inside and open the safe in the corner to get your silver bars!

Stay tuned as we discover more Far Cry 5 silver bar locations, and check out the following guides for additional tips.