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Far Cry 5 Money Farming – Get Cash Quick

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Get the best tips on Far Cry 5 money farming and get cash fast. Earn money quick in Far Cry 5 by knowing exactly what makes you the best cash.

Throughout Far Cry 5, there's a ton of activities you can do to get money. As well as selling items, such as animal skins, there's plenty of quests to earn you loot. The Far Cry 5 currency is dollars, and with enough of it you can get your hands on better weapons, upgrades and vehicles.

Sadly, a Far Cry 5 money glitch has yet to be found, unlike the last game in the series, but you can earn cash through some good old-fashioned hard work. Check out our Far Cry 5 money farming guide for our top tips.

1.Complete quests and side missions

It's totally obvious, but you can earn money in Far Cry 5 by completing quests. Don't just finish the main mission but wander off the beaten track and partake in side quests. Some quests are extremely short and will yield you a decent amount of dough.

2. Unlock money-making perks

There’s a few perks in Far Cry 5 that can really help you out. You’ll need to have earned around 15 perk points, so get saving. In the Survivalist skill tree, you can unlock Harvest Master for 8 points. This will double your loot reward from plants and animals. Now, get the Ghost perk for 7 points, which is available in the Assassin’s skills. You’ll make less noise while sprinting. This is a brilliant perk for hunting animals because they won’t get startled and hear you coming!

3.Best Far Cry 5 money farming location

Head to Jacob's Region. It's to the South East of the Moccassin River, and due East of Baron Lumber Mill. Run your finger on the map east from the mill until it hits the area of land SW of the River. You can see a Gun on the map, which tells you there's a trader there.

Make sure you have plenty of bait with you, and it's even better if you've unlocked the Harvest Perk. Keep a note of the trader's location, and all around her is wildlife, including bear and deer. You can simply keep throwing bait down, waiting for animals to come, shooting them and then selling the skins back to the trader.

You can stay here for as long as you like picking off animals as long as you have enough bait to do so.

4.Find all the Prepper Stash locations

Hidden around Hope County are prepper stashes which contain loot and extra goodies. Luckily, our prepper stash guide shows you how to find them all. These caches of supplies often contains some decent weapons too.

5.Crack open safes

We mentioned that one of the best Far Cry 5 perks is locksmithing. Earn this skill and you'll be able to open safes. If you don't have that skill, then you can use C4 to blast them open. Just make sure you stand back, and get ready for enemies to descend on your position if you haven't already wiped them out. Safes can contain a huge amount of cash!

6.Hunt animals

Every animal has its price. We're in the process of compiling animal skin prices, but it's safe to say that the rarer the animal the better price the skin will fetch. Animals will be startled if you're too noisy, so get that rifle equipped with a silencer and head out into the woods to bag some bear. You can then sell your skins to one of the many traders in Hope County or at one of the numerous stores.

7.Go Fishing

Fishing is easy in Far Cry 5, and it's relaxing. You can pick up a rod by buying one at the Vasquez Residence in Faith's Region. Head to any lake with your new rod, and get casting. To give you a better chance at casting fish, there are various perks for Fisher King. You'll get much heavier fish, which can be sold at a better profit.

We're in the process of trying to find the best Far Cry 5 money farming spots and fishing locations. We'll update this guide as soon as we can.

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