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Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations

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Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash locations can be found in each region of Hope County. These valuable caches of supplies, which include money, vehicles and great weapons, are well worth finding!

There’s a lot of prepper stashes hidden away in Far Cry 5, and in the following guide we’re going to show you where to find them.

Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations In Holland Valley

1.Deep Dive: South of Fall's End, just to the West of Rye & Son's Aviation, you'll find a small wooden house called the Laurel Residence. Head inside and read the note in the kitchen. Head outside to the shed, note the hatch on the floor to the left, and read the note pinned on the left of the door.

Head down the hatch and keep swimming down until you see the keycard on the desk. You can now return to the surface and open the shed door. Activate the watr pump with the switch on the wall and head back down the hatch. Smash the boards and you'll find your Prepper Stash!

2. Dumpster Diving: Also found in the South, just to the North of Fall's End you'll find a water treatment facility tucked away in the hills. Check out the note by the trailer. You'll need to turn the power on.

You'll to do some exploring to get your hands on the Prepper stash, so take a shot at the exploding barrel and you'll make a clear path to get onto the roof by climbing on top of the trailer.

Once you've got over the wall, head to the far end and take a jump to the crates. You'll have the opportunity to use your grapple hook to swing across to the far ledge. Drop down and go into the basement.

Search the area for the power switch on the wall. Once the power is on, you can't step in the water on the floor otherwise you'll be electrocuted, so use the crates to avoid it.

You'll need to make a huge jump to get over the metal fence and climb up the crates to enter the room with the precious cache.

3. Fire in the Hole: Orville Creak can be found in the South East of Holland Valley and is where you need to head to get the next Prepper Stash. There's a small wooden cabin in a clearing.

You'll know you're on the right path where you cross the bridge at the waterfall. Keep an eye out for a note on one of the rocks as you head towards the cabin.

Now, watch out for enemies both inside and outside of the cabin. You should take them all out before proceeding. Search the cabin for some loose floorboards, smash them and climb down the ladder.

There's more enemies down here so watch your step! Smash the wooden planks in from of you and head to the right. Keep following the path, looking out for more enemies as you smash through more planks.

You'll need to head back to where you started in the mine, and this time take the left path. Keep following it around to the right and break your way through to the pool area.

You now need to blast the rubble away which you can do with your gun. You can now swim to the far side and then head through the tunnel to get your Prepper Stash.

4. Long Distance Lock Pick: Check the map for the cross roads just to the North of Fall's End. Just to the East, you'll see a body of water. You need to head to the South side of the reservoir. You'll discover a note at the end of the decking, just to the right of the hut.

Now head to the hut to find another note, and get to the roof! You'll need to use a long-range weapon to shoot one of the enemies over the other side of the reservoir.

Now that's he's dead take the zip line across to the sniper hut and grab his rifle. Look through the window and you'll be able to zoom in to shoot the lock. An alarm will be raised and enemies will appear. Take them out and the head to the hut and grab your Prepper stash.

5. Swingers: Read the note, and then head under the bridge. You'll need to use your grappling hook to swing across. Look for the other grapple points and keep on swinging across to where you see the scaffolding in the middle of the bridge.

You can break the floor when you land on this platform and grab your prepper stash!

Other Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations Found So Far

Sunken Funds Dutch’s Region:This will be the first prepper stash you'll be pointed towards after rescuing the first civilian. You need to head to the boat house.

Mark they waypoint on your map. Read the note on the hut. Marked on the map about 50 metres away is the boathouse. You need to find a way inside. Head down the wooden planks on the right hand side and jump in the water. You can swim under and inside the boathouse. Climb up the green rope and pull the lever on the electrical box.

Take the key off the wall next to the door and unlock the door to leave. Head back to the small hut (you’ll see the waypoint on your map). Interact with the yellow wheel just on the left. Open the green doors to the bunker on the ground – you’ve just drained it of water. Head down and smash the wooden planks to find the room with the stash.

This guide is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash locations as we discover more!

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