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Essential Far Cry 5 Perks That You Should Unlock First

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Complete challenges and you'll soon earn points to unlock Far Cry 5 perks. Having played 40 hours+ of Ubisoft's new action-adventure so far, we've put together a quick guide on the best perks that you should unlock first.

Far Cry 5 Perks That You Need

Additional Holster x 2

This perk will allow you to carry more weapons, which comes in crucial. We'd recommend getting to the second tier of this perk as soon as possible so you can carry up to three weapons. We use it carry our main weapon and two heavy weapons!


There are a lot of locked doors and safes in Far Cry 5. Inside them you'll find loot. Get the lockpicking tool and you won't have to search around for keys.


You don't always want to get involved in conflict with cultists. The Ghost perk allows you to be much stealthier and avoid conflict all together. It makes your movement much quieter, and it also reduces any fall damage.

Grappling Hook

Not only is having the grappling hook essential in some missions, and helps you find some of the hidden prepper stashes, unlocking this perk means that you can more around much faster.

Weapons Collector

You can never have enough weapons on you. You want to be able to switch between various weapon types depending on the situation. With the weapons collector perk you'll now be able to carry a fourth weapon!

So, there are the five Far Cry 5 perks we’d recommend aiming for first! If you’re looking for more tips, read our review, and check out the following details.

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