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Far Cry 5 Recruitment Guide – How To Build A Winning Team

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Sooner rather than later you're going to be recruiting characters to fight with you in Far Cry 5 as you take on the Project at Eden's Gate. Follow this Far Cry 5 Recruitment guide and we'll tell you everything you need to know, including perks and abilities of each recruit.

Why Recruit In Far Cry 5?

Recruiting the right people in Far Cry 5 really depends on what you're looking for to help you in your mission. You don't need to recruit anybody, you can play the game solo, but the option is there if things are getting a little tough.

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How Do I Find Recruits?

You find potential recruits by carrying out side quests set to you by people you've rescued. You'll also find some recruits, like Boomer, through completing story missions. You can recruit unique guns for hire or resistance fighters, and you can have up to two guns for hire at any one time. The four ways to build your resistance are:

  • Rescue civilians
  • Destroy cult properties
  • Complete missions
  • Liberate cult outposts
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Far Cry 5 Recruits can also be furry.

Who Should I Recruit?

It's a good idea to recruit a range of different Far Cry 5 characters who adopt a variation of skill sets. With a balanced army that you can pick and choose from, you'll be able to switch them around to suit different scenarios.

Each Resistance fighter available or recruiting belongs to one of six classes:

  • Brawler
  • Assaulter/Defender
  • Berserker/Pistolera
  • Rocket
  • Sniper
  • Hunter

Like most shooters, the classes are self-explanatory, from the brawler who is an expert at melee to the hunter that is a master with a bow and arrow.

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Get Far Cry 5 recruitment right, and you’ll be all-guns blazing!

Resistance Fighter Abilities

As they level up through fighting against the cult alongside you, you'll be able to upgrade two abilities. They include:

Power Hitter: Greater chance of sending an enemy sprawling with a melee attack.

Hot Buckshot: Chance of igniting a fire with a shotgun blast.

Sharpshooter: Higher chance of a kill when sniping.

Quick Recovery: Recover health more rapidly.

No Tracks: Hide in tall grass and you can't be traced.

Mechanic: Repair your vehicle while on the move.

Veterinarian: Revive your Fangs for Hire.

Backup: Heal yourself when on the floor.

Recycler: Greater chance of picking up ammo after kills.

Intimidator: When you fire you'll frighten the enemy.

Vulture: Enjoy of boost of loot when searching bodies.

Herbalist: Automatically pick up plants while not engaged in combat.

Hoarder: Carry more ammo.

Field Surgeon: Enjoy a full revival if you've been downed.

Spotter: Tag enemies before you begin a fight.

Thick Skin: Take more damage.

Specialist Guns For Hire

You'll definitely want to recruit one of these specialist guns for hire. These bad boys and bad girls have totally unique abilities and can be upgraded with perk points.

Nick Rye: This pilot can be found in the John region and has the Bomb's Away and Light ‘Em up ability. He'll get in his plane and drop a bomb or fire missiles!

Grace Armstrong: This sniper has two head-splitting abilities, Boom Boom and Friendly Sight. She can also be found in the John region.

Hurk Drubman Jr: Found in the Jacob region, he loves nothing more than waving his RPG around and can track vehicles with his Heat Seeker ability and use his Junk It ability to cause extra damage to vehicles.

Jess Black: Jess is a hunter found in the Jacob region. She can hide out of sigh with her Concealment ability and with Feral Friendly animals will think she's one of them.

Adelaide Drubman: Found in the Faith region, this pilot will send a helicopter in with her Call a Chopper ability and with her Less Reload stat she has a bigger magazine.

Sharky Boshaw: He's a heavy flamer found in the Faith region. With Fire It Up his attacks have an extra spark, and with Shatterproof his resistance to explosions is even stronger.

Which Fang For Hire Should You Recruit?

In this Far Cry 5 Recruitment guide, we've taken a look at the humans you can recruit onto your side, but there's also some furrycompanions.

Each Fang for Hire has a unique set of attributes, and also has a class assigned to it:

Boomer: This pooch is a Scout. With his pointer ability he can tag enemies and with his Retriever skill he may even fetch a weapon or two for you!

Cheeseburger: This Fang for Hire is a bear and a Heavy class recruit. With its Bear Arms ability he'll lunge forward and attack, and with the Cross to Bear skill, he can take focus away from you during an attack.

Peaches: The final Fang for Hire is Peaches. This wild cat favors Stealth. She can pound to silently eliminate enemies and stay hidden in grass with her Stalking ability.

Far Cry 5 Co-Op Play - Friends For Hire

One of the best Far Cry 5 recruitment tips is to team up with a real player. With the Friends for Hire mode you can drop-in and drop-out of games and your progress in another player's game will carry over to your own. This only applies if you're not playing main campaign quests.

Without a matchmaking option, you can only join players who are on your friends list. Only the host player can use the Guns for Hire feature, and you can help each other with extra firepower, and by healing each other when wounded.

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