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Far Cry 5 Stealth Tips – How To Be As Silent As A Ninja

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Get the best Far Cry 5 stealth tips, and sneak around like a ninja instead of approaching enemies head on. In order to use stealth in Far Cry 5 and avoid constant conflict there's a few things you can do.

Follow these Far Cry 5 stealth tips and you'll often make things a lot easier! But first, check out the review.

  1. Unlock the Ghost Perk. You get points that you can assign to perks by completing Far Cry 5 missions. You'll need 7 Points in total to unlock this stealthy mode. It allows you to make less noise when walking, sprinting and landing. This perk is essentially like crouching even when you're running. It also crosses over to the Arcade mode and reduces your damage when you fall.
  2. Use your binoculars from a distance. Go to a safe place where you have a good view of the area you're about to infiltrate. You can tag enemies with any weapon that has a scope, so zoom in and tag the cultists. You can move into the area and know exactly where your enemies are moving.
  3. Hide bodies: If you kill someone, you're going to leave a body behind. If the area isn't clear, then there's a chance that body can be found. If you have the time, move that body into a safe place so that it cannot be found.
  4. Use silencers on your weapons. You can purchase these from stores and then pick off enemies one at a time without alerting others.
  5. Unlock Sneaky Sprint and Nimble Fingers Perks. Both of these perks will help you remain stealthy in Far Cry 5. While Sneaky Sprint allows you move faster while crouching, the Nimble Fingers perk will allow you to disable alarms faster. This is crucial to keep enemies off your tail.
  6. Get a sneaky recruit. You can recruit characters in Far Cry 5, and Jess Black and Peaches have sneak abilities. Jess can be found in the region of Jacob, and she has a concealment skill which means she's hard to detect by enemies. She also has the ability to trick animals into thinking she's an animal too! Peaches also fits into the stealth class. This Fang for Hire has a stalking ability so when she's walking through long grass she can't be detected. Even better than that is her ability to pounce silently and take down enemies.
  7. The most obvious of the Far Cry 5 stealth tips is to crouch and use cover. Crouching means that your footsteps can't be heard as loudly. Use cover to decrease visibility and watch from a distance to monitor the movement of enemies. Keep an eye on the detection meter. If it fills up they know you're coming. If that fills up totally, they're fully aware of your presence.

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