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Far Cry 5 Vinyl Crates – All Locations

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At some point during your epic Far Cry 5 adventure, you'll encounter the ‘Turn the Tables' quest. You'll be tasked with finding the locations of 10 vinyl crates. In this Far Cry 5 Vinyl Crates guide, we'll show you exactly where to find them all.

First up, you need to know what a vinyl crate looks like. Well, it's basically a yellow milk crate filled with old vinyl records. You'll pick up this quest when you start your first event mission in Jacob's Region called ‘The World is Weak'.

Once you've finished this mission you'll unlock the Far Cry 5 ‘Turn the Tables' quest, and your search for the vinyl crates is on! Now, the good thing is it's worth keeping an eye out for these yellow boxes even before you start this quest. If you've found some earlier they'll be taken off the 10 you need to find.

Far Cry 5 Vinyl Crates Locations

The locations of the vinyl crates are all dotted around the Whitetail Mountains in Jacob's region, and here's where you can locate them.

Red Tail Cabin: Head East of the Wolf's Den and follow the tracks towards the Red Trail Cabin. Go inside and pick up the crate on top of the sideboard.

In a tent: Head east of Baron Lumber Mill in the Southeast of the region and you'll discover a large trailer and tent. The vinyl crate is just behind the table next to the tent.

Under a chair: At the foot of a mountain in the Southwest of Whitetail mountains you'll discover Dansky cabin. Under the table just to the left of the front door is where you'll find you the crate.

Hunter's Pass Shelter: Head to the southwest of Whitetail mountains towards the lake on the map. The shelter stands right next to the lake and inside on the table you'll find the vinyl crate.

In an office: Remember the FANG center, where you find Cheeseburger? Head west of there and across the bridge to the entrance of North Park. There's a building near to the roadside and the yellow milk crate is inside.

Water tower: Go to Linero Building Supplies situated to the North West of Fort Drubman, just on the west side of the small lake. Near to the water tower there's an office where you'll find the vinyl crate.

Outside the tent: Due South of the Fang Center, in line with about three quarters of the way down the road before you hit the crossroads, look out for the wooded area. In here you'll find a small tent with the crate sitting conveniently outside.

Osprey cabin: This is a tough one to find! Check the map for where you see Langford Lake in the Southwest. You want to be heading directly North from the ‘N' in Langford. You're looking for a shack near the foot of the canyon on the side of the mountains to the North past the lake. Best way to head here would be by air so you can find the shack nestled in the trees. You'll find the vinyl crate inside.

Widow's Creek: Just south of Widow's Creek on the East side of the road and the entrance to the South Park (east of Wolf's Den). On the left hand side of the entrance, check the office to find the yellow milk box on the floor.

In the lodge: In the south side of Jacob's Region, to the northwest of Silver Lake on dry land, you'll find an enemy encampment. Search the cabin (with the red sign on the roof saying “Gookookoo Lodge') deep inside enemy territory and find the crate on the sideboard next to the radio.

So, that’s the Far Cry 5 vinyl crates locations! If you need any more tips, check out one of the following guides: