FIFA 18 closed beta invites are already being sent out

Footie fans have something to look forward today — provided you get lucky — as EA Sports is sending out FIFA 18 beta invites out already. Bear in mind, though, it’s a closed beta, so you do need the invite to be able to download the client.

Speaking of the beta client, the download size is a whopping 34GB, which is definitely bigger than past FIFA games in the franchise. According to this thread from reddit (via GearNuke), invites are tied to accounts, which means you can’t buy/give or use another person’s invite; you won’t be able to play other game modes outside of the one which you were invited to; game ratings are not final, and as one can expect, nothing from the beta will carry over to the final game.

More FIFA 18 beta details can be seen in the game’s official forums regarding the beta.

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