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FIFA 18 World Cup Packs Leak Suggests EA Sports New DLC

fifa 18 world cup packs

A new leak suggests that a World Cup 2018 mode is coming to FIFA 18.  Rather than being a standalone game, the FIFA 18 World Cup mode looks like it will be DLC.

FIFA 18 World Cup Packs Coming

In an EA Sports leak, dataminers have uncovered a “Free FIFA World Cup Pack” hidden within a bunch of code where you can see other FUT packs. This suggests that the World Cup 2018 edition will be available as downloadable content.

fifa 18 world cup packs ea sports

It’s no real surprise. EA Sports have launched FIFA World Cup games in the past. Though they’ve largely been standalone games, they did provide a PS4 update for the FIFA 14 World Cup, though it only allowed you to play friendly matches.

It was rumoured that a FIFA 18 World Cup tournament edition would be coming last year, when a Spanish commentator let slip that he was working on commentary. However, EA has yet to officially announce the new mode.

We’d presume that the developer has gone all-out to deliver a comprehensive World Cup 18 mode for FIFA 18. Stay tuned for more details!

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