Final Fantasy 15 1.07, patch notes reveal March update

final fantasy 15 1.07

Square Enix is rolling out a free update for Final Fantasy 15 today ahead of the release of tomorrow’s Episode Gladiolus DLC.

The update brings a host of new additions to the game, including polishing up Chapter 13. For starters, Noctis’ powers have been enhanced, and you will be able to play as Gladio as he teams up with Ignis to search for the lost prince. Elsewhere, we’re offered a glimpse at Noctis and co scaling buildings on the back of Chocobos and wielding a new spell while battling Adamantoise.

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Check out the Final Fantasy 15 1.07 update video below to a better look at what to expect, and read the patch notes below that. 

Update 1.07

  • Various bug fixes

Version 1.06

  • Addition of Chapter 13, Verse 2 (alternate route featuring Gladiolus)
  • Enhancement of Arcana spells (Alterna, Holy, Death)
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from first photo contest (viewable at Takka’s Pit Stop in Hammerhead)
  • Temporary conclusion of Timed Quests (will resume at a later date)
  • Addition of two pieces from Episode Gladiolus to music player tracklist
  • Addition of compatibility with Episode Gladiolus
  • Various gameplay enhancements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Updates save will not work on former versions of the game

Final Fantasy 15 was released for PS4 and Xbox One back in November 2016. The project initially started out life a decade earlier as the PS3-exclusive Final Fantasy Versus 13, although Square Enix ultimately decided to shelve this particular incarnation of the game some years back when it was around 25 percent complete. The game was then rebranded as Final Fantasy 15 and re-revealed during Sony’s E3 2013 press conference. 

Despite what could have been the series’ last chance, Final Fantasy 15 performed exceptionally well at retail, becoming the fastest-selling entry in the venerated JRPG franchise to date.