Final Fantasy 15 Comrades release date confirmed

final fantasy 15 comrades

Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy 15 Comrades multiplayer expansion will be available from October 31, 2017.

Comrades is part of the action-RPG’s Season Pass, so those of you who have forked out for the pass will be able to grab it for free. However, it will also be made available separately, though a price point has yet to be confirmed.

This new game mode allows players to team up in a number of cooperative missions, and chances are some of you have already had a sneak peak at Comrades via the beta back in August.

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Looking ahead, Square Enix will continue to support its critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title with a new episode centered around the character of Ignis, plus a fishing-based spinoff titled Monster of the Deep. 

The game will also be ported to PC in early 2018 and there are rumors of a Nintendo Switch version of the game. Square Enix’s core Final Fantasy 15 team is reportedly looking ahead to the PS5 for its next project.

Check out the new Final Fantasy 15 Comrades trailer below.