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Final Fantasy 15 DLC Episode Prompto gets release date

final fantasy 15 dlc update

Final Fantasy 15’s latest DLC update, the story-driven ‘Episode Prompto’ has been given a release date of June 27 by publisher Square Enix.

The second of four planned DLC updates, Episode Prompto follows the release of the critically tepid Episode Gladiolus back in March and looks to be focusing on shooting, which is a nice change of pace for the series.

Still to come via the Season Pass after the release of Episode Prompto are Episode Ignis and then a multiplayer-centric episode, though not much has been divulged about either.

Still, it’s also been revealed that composer Naoshi Muzita – known chiefly for his work on Final Fantasy 11 and 13-2 – has scored the entire episode and you can hear a glimpse of some of his work in the trailer below.

Releasing alongside Episode Prompto is a new, free Final Fantasy 15 update that’ll allow players to take the Regalia – the car from Final Fantasy 15 – off the beaten path and to new environments.

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Here’s what we said about the previous episode, ‘Gladiolus’ back in March:

‘’Though it’s on the short side, the asking price is more than reasonable and we get a taste of how Gladio will most likely function in multiplayer in the future.’’

As ever, stay tuned to PSU all through E3 week for the latest and great news in PlayStation.