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Final Fantasy VII NFT Trading Cards To Be Released By Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII has made its mark on everything from video games, action figures, CG movies to a full-blown remake, so what’s next? NFTs, obviously! Yep, Square Enix has announced plans for a bunch of Final Fantasy VII trading cards featuring NFTs.

The Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum: Digital Card Plus features 207 cards, with each pack setting you back 440 yen/$3.30, and includes six physical trading cards and a digital exchange card. You can redeem this for an NFT version of a card, and it’s possible to get an NFT version of any of the 207 physical cards available.

NFT is a bit of an ugly word in the games industry, although if you’re not too sure about them, they’re basically unique non-interchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain. This basically means you are able to then buy and sell digital products such as video game content like artwork.

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If you want to redeem the digital card if you buy one of the packs you’ll have to create an account with Enjin, an NFT platform, and download the wallet app. Square Enix has said that if this service is pulled “it is possible that you will not be able to view or use the digital card in the future.”

[Source – VGC]