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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade PlayStation Plus Error Fixed, All PS Plus Extra Subscribers Can Now Claim The DLC

Last week, we were told what games would be added to the PlayStation Plus Exta and PlayStation Plus Premium tier catalogs, with Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade being one such game.

The titles were added to the libraries just two days ago, and since then, some players have had issues claiming the game. Specifically, players who already owned Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5.

Users who already owned the game would receive an error message, saying the version they were trying to redeem clashed with the version they already owned.

It all comes down to how the PlayStation Store categorizes everything, and what bundles clash and when.

Thankfully, the issue has now been resolved, and if you previously had trouble being able to redeem Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, then you should have no issue now.

Hopefully the many convoluted ways in which the PlayStation Store organizes itself won’t cause issues like this in the future, though somehow that seems doubtful.

Source – [VGC]