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Final Fantasy VII Remake Lead Battle Programmer Wants To Surpass Final Fantasy XII’s Gambit System

Satoru Koyama, the lead battle programmer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, has revealed during a companion book titled Remake Ultimata that he wants to surpass the much-loved Gambit system seen in Final Fantasy XII.

For the record, the book has never seen a release outside of Japan, and therefore dedicated fans have been busy on Twitter translating the material.

This time around, we had it so AI teammates could only perform the Attack command in order to allow players to switch between characters as they fight. However, next time, I’d like to create an AI that can juggle a variety of techniques and magic. My goal is to surpass Final Fantasy XII’s Gambit system.

I’d also like to focus more energy into aspects that support player control, such as Classic Mode, where characters fight automatically. I think it’s a shame when people can’t play a game they’re interested in just because they aren’t skilled with action-oriented mechanics.

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Keep in mind that the Remake Ultimania was published the same year that Final Fantasy VII Remake came out, so those comments were made around three years ago.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is due out later this year, although there’s always the chance that things have changed in development in regard to what Koyama-san had previously planned.

[Source – GamesRadar]