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Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3 Combat Will Offer ‘Even More Freedom’ For Players

The latest episode of Inside Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3 will offer players ‘even more freedom’ when it comes to combat, according to the battle director for this year’s Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Teruki Endo revealed that the development team are hoping to expand the battle system for the third act of the Final Fantasy VII Remake project, and are thinking about ways “to give the player even more freedom.”

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Meanwhile, director Naoki Hamaguchi touched base on what the team hopes to offer fans on a broader scale, and said that he personally aims to deliver the final chapter as soon as possible while maintaining a high quality.

We very much want to give the fans a different kind of gameplay experience to what they had in Remake and Rebirth. I will strive to finish it as soon as possible, while also ensuring that it is of high quality.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3 has yet to attract a release date but it is widely believed the game will arrive around 2027, going by the four-year gap between the first and second parts. Back in February, Hamaguchi-san revealed that development on the game was roughly at the same stage that FFVII Rebirth was at when production on FFVII Remake wrapped.

Finally, it’s also been revealed legendary series composer, Nobou Uematsu, will return to create the game’s main theme as he did with the previous entry

[Source – Inside Square Enix via Automaton Media]