Final Fantasy VII remake will be ‘told across multiple parts’

In a twist that’s sure to bring about its fair share of controversy, publisher Square Enix has announced that the upcoming remake of its seminal RPG offering, Final Fantasy VII, will be released in multiple parts.

Coming on the back of a weekend which saw the release of the title’s first gameplay-inclusive trailer, the famed Japanese company has revealed that the game’s reimagining will be ”told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience."

No other details were forthcoming so it’s hard to discern whether or not this means that the game will be episodic or come in a form not-yet-seen in the role-playing space. One thing’s for sure, if the new game stays faithful to the original’s design philosophy and sensibilities it’s hard to envisage how exactly a multi-part model would work.

Unless of course, this spans across the entire Final Fantasy VII universe, including the likes of Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core, but that’s a little too farfetched a concept to take completely seriously.

The most likely scenario is an episodic-esque release structure which could see Square Enix putting out parts in relatively quick succession. All things considered, we’re sure Square Enix will clarify its position in the coming weeks/months.

What do you think of the above news? Does a potential episodic release structure for the Final Fantasy VII remake dilute the experience or are you happy to play it in whatever way it releases?

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