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Final Fantasy XIV & Final Fantasy XVI Studio Has 2 Unannounced Projects In The Works

Naoki Yoshida, head of Square Enix’s Creative Studio 3 — the team behind Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy XIV — has revealed during an interview with that the studio has two unannounced projects in the pipeline, which could be announced sooner rather than later.

Yoshida-san explained that the team has been able to take on new employees as it hasn’t been impacted by the recent restructuring at Square Enix.

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I haven’t had to fire people and the current team hasn’t been altered. We’re even hiring new folks. The company has high expectations for our division. It’s one of the pillars of Square Enix. There is no chance they’ll make cuts or invest less in us. We’ll keep working just as hard on (Final Fantasy 14), so players don’t have to worry.

Soon there may be some announcements about two new games that we are working on.

Square Enix has had a busy 12 months or so, having launched Final Fantasy XVI on June 22, 2023 and following up with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in February 2024. Last month, it was reported that both games failed to meet the publisher’s internal sales expectations.

Final Fantasy XIV has been one of the biggest successes for Square Enix in the past decade, and has spanned multiple generation of consoles. The game initially launched in 2010 to little fanfare for the PC, before being completely revamped a few years later as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and has received robust support ever since.

[Source – Interview via Genki on X]