Final Fantasy XV combat details reveal new mechanics

The developer behind the much-anticipated Final Fantasy XV has divulged more info on the game’s combat, including a new mechanic that allows you to target specific parts of an opponent’s anatomy.

Speaking in a message board Q&A earlier this month (via GamingBolt), Final Fantasy XV’s Lead Game Designer, Yuji Kenichiro, revealed some of the new combat options that played will be able to utilize in battle. 

There is a gameplay mechanic where you can debilitate enemies by destroying parts of their anatomy and it plays an important role in battle. It is possible to make these kinds of attacks against specific areas on gigantic monsters by either striking them directly using the warp ability or by positioning yourself by the enemy’s vulnerable spots using parrying actions against their attacks.

We have created a system for FFXV where the player can decide the battle style that they and their comrades use, although this takes a different form to the gambits in FFXII.”

Final Fantasy XV is due out on PS4 and Xbox One at some point in 2016, and was officially announced during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference. Prior to this, the game was conceived as the PS3-exclusive JRPG, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and would have formed part of the Nova Crystallis series of games revolving around Final Fantasy XIII. Development on the title started around three years ago, by which point Versus XIII was only 25 percent complete, despite initially being announced back at E3 2006.

Recently, Square Enix said that a new demo for the game is currently in the works, and that ship combat may be added to the title as post-launch content. Development of Final Fantasy XV recently entered its beta phase, with more info on the game promised for an event in March 2016.